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12 sectors rose in the Egyptian Stock Exchange during the sessions of the past week

The performance of the Egyptian stock market indices varied during the sessions of the week ending, as 12 sectors rose, on top of which the paper and packaging materials sector increased by 6.1%, followed by the tourism and entertainment sector by 5.1%, followed by the contracting and engineering construction sector by 4.7%, then the textile and durable goods sector by 4.7%. 3.8%, followed by the food, beverage and tobacco sector by 2.4%, and the sectors of trade, distributors, services, industrial products and automobiles rose by 2.2%.


The non-banking financial services sector increased by 1.6%, then the telecommunications, media, information technology and basic resources sectors by 1.5%, then the educational services sector by 0.7%, then the real estate sector by 0.5%, while the transport and freight services sector declined by 4.8%, then the sector. Building materials by 2.2%, then the banking sector by 1.4%, then the health care and pharmaceutical sector by 0.6%.


The main index of the Egyptian Stock Exchange "EGX 30" decreased by 0.65% to close at 11578.84 points, during the sessions of the previous week, while the index of small and medium stocks "EGX 70 is equal weights" increased by 2.27% to close at 2364.45 points, and the index scored " EGX 100 is equal weights, up by 1.88%, closing at 3390.84 points, and the EGX30 index of determinant weights recorded a decline of 0.03%, closing at 14163.12 points, and the Nile Stock Exchange index increased by 2.5% to close at 1094.75 points.


The market capital of the Egyptian Stock Exchange increased by 2.1 billion pounds during the sessions of the week ended, to close at 695.4 billion pounds, with a growth rate of 0.3%, and the market capital of the main index fell from 339.7 billion pounds to 338.6 billion pounds, a decrease of 0.3%, and the head increased The money for the index of small and medium shares from 227.6 billion pounds to 228.9 billion pounds, a growth rate of 0.6%.

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