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Medhat Shalaby: Hossam Hassan is a player in Pyramids next season

Media Medhat Shalaby explained the ambiguity surrounding the statements of Faraj Amer, president of Smouha Club, about his sale to Hossam Hassan, the striker of the team during the current winter Mercato club, to one of the General League clubs. Faraj Amer Shater in marketing the players, and to get the value of 40 million pounds in Hossam Hassan, this is a very good number, and what I want to confirm is that Hossam Hassan will not go to Zamalek, and that there is no connection at all between Mustafa’s professionalism and the sale of Hossam Hassan.

He continued: "Who will pay 40 million pounds in Egypt, Al-Ahly has a satiety at the center of the attack and even loaned Ahmed Yasser Rayan, and therefore the club is Pyramids without discussion, who paid this amount."

He added: "We saw Zamalek in front of the clearing, and we saw it as we had not seen it before and presented a ball with a craft, which he had not presented before because the spearhead who played today is Obama, who is a professional player who penetrates from a small area. Mustafa Muhammad is a great player, but he is an air player with 80% of His potential, 20% on the ground, and therefore he is less than Obama. "

Faraj Amer had confirmed that Hossam Hassan will move to an Egyptian club next summer and not during the current winter transfer period, and Farag Amer commented on Zamalek's negotiations with Hossam Hassan to compensate for the departure of Mustafa Mohamed, who officially moved to Galata Saray club today, saying: “It is not true .. so Smouha striker He will not play for Zamalek because he has already been sold to an Egyptian club. "

Faraj Amer said: "Hossam Hassan was sold 8 days ago to an Egyptian club at the current time and will leave at the end of the season." He continued: "Hossam Hassan is an already sold player. How do you go to another club? We will sell it twice."

The president of Smouha Club exploded a heavy surprise regarding the sale of Hossam Hassan, the striker of the Alexandrian team, to an Egyptian club, and Faraj Amer confirmed: “Hossam Hassan was sold to an Egyptian club for 40 million pounds.” And he continued: “Hossam Hassan is a player originally sold to an Egyptian club in exchange for 40 million pounds, how am I going to sell the player to Zamalek, after I recently sold it? Selling it twice means. "

Many questioned after Faraj Amer’s statements about the possibility of Hossam Hassan’s transfer to Al-Ahly or Pyramids next summer, especially since the two clubs wanted to support their attack, as they had previously negotiated with the player and Samouha.

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