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The fire of the Lebanese municipality of Tripoli after protesters targeted the building with Molotov cocktails

The National Media Agency in Tripoli, Lebanon, confirmed that the protesters moved from Abdul Hamid Karami Square to the Tripoli municipality and began throwing stones and Molotov cocktails at it, which led to a large fire inside it.

The Internal Security Forces in Lebanon (the police) announced that one of the main government buildings in the city of Tripoli (in the north of the country) had been targeted with a hand grenade, and the Internal Security Forces stated - in a statement - that a military grenade landed this evening / Thursday / inside the Serail Square. Governmental Tripoli, which resulted in one of the police officers in charge of securing the building injured and slightly injured.

The Tripoli Serail government headquarters became a daily target point by the Lebanese demonstrators in Tripoli, as they threw stones, Molotov cocktails and fireworks at it, and repeated their attempts to storm it, while these movements were met with the firing of teargas bombs and the use of water cannons with great thrust in order to drive the demonstrators to disperse And get them away from the building.

The Internal Security Forces announced that the protests in the city of Tripoli yesterday, during which the security forces stationed inside the Serail of Tripoli, in order to secure it, were targeted with 3 Russian-made military grenades.

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